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Art – Convenience Store

In 2017, SonKim Retail signed a cooperation agreement with the Korean convenience store chain GS25. That same year, GS25 opened its first store in Ho Chi Minh City and quickly expanded its store chain across several major cities across the country.

Due to their potential number of locations as well as the products and services offered, convenience stores will become a cornerstone of customer retail interactions and are uniquely positioned as a launching point for future e-Commerce convergence and FinTech product offerings.


As the first independent brand in Korea founded in 1990, GS25 has expanded their network to include over 15,000 CVS locations, making them the largest player in the market. GS25 Vietnam has the same ambition and is the fastest-growing convenience store chain in Vietnam.

GS25 stores provide space to sell essential commodity products, utilize the in-store television system to develop channels such as the Motto Lifestyle Platform, and are a distrubution point connection to the group’s F&B offering and logistics chain to provide fresh food options to provide customers with a modern and high-quality living experience. As customer shopping preferences and habits change, increasing foot traffic in CVS locations offer a unique growth channel for additional products and services.

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