About us - SONKIM


SonKim was founded in 1957 with the establishment of Dai Thanh, which grew to become a leader in the Vietnamese garment industry.

The family run company successfully expanded in the textile market despite changing economic and political conditions with each new generation taking valuable experience from previous generations. With the goal of capitalizing on opportunites to expand beyond the core textile products, SonKim Investment and Development Co., Ltd (the predecessor of SonKim Retail) was established to invest in real estate, retail, manufacturing and media.

After identifying an underserved market segment for women’s lingerie, SonKim established VERA in 1997 with the aim of delivering a product that offered high quality manufacture and innovative design to enhance the natural beauty of each woman. By utilizing the company’s core strength in textiles and manufacturing, VERA was able to become the pioneer brand in the Vietnamese lingerie industry as well as establishing an investment philosophy: Build upon core strengths and identify adjacent, high growth investment opportunities that leverage those strengths with the goal of establishing market leading brands.




Opening a new world of experiences to enrich the lifestyle and life satisfaction of all Vietnamese people.


We inspire people by planting passion in life.


SonKim Retail is committed to continuing our long business heritage, with attention to beauty and detail, and our keen sense of a unified lifestyle.

Bringing these together allows us to skillfully combine Vietnamese knowledge and culture with innovation and ideas from all around the world, which enables us develop the new lifestyle that all Vietnamese will love.

Core values


SonKim Retail businesses expand my world while connecting me to the things I love to do and which is why I put them at the center of my life. I love how the products and services are woven together to provide choices and convenience I never thought possible.


I love to do business with SonKim Retail. As a reliable, imaginative and sound business partner, I immediately benefit from linking their expertise with mine to find sustainable and successful long-term growth in a variety of businesses across Vietnam.


SonKim Retail is a positive force for good. From neighborhood to neighborhood across the nation, they provide support and opportunities for everyone. They actively promote ways to improve the quality of our lives and bring us all together.


I love my life at SonKim Retail. It is a unique place to learn new skills and enjoy opportunities that I cannot find anywhere else. They invest in me as a person, not just an employee, allowing me to build my skills and confidence along my career path.


Innovation is combined with a rich history to deliver products and services that enhance the way you live


We seek to inspire everyone we work with, work for and work alongside by our passion for fashion, forms, and creative endevours stimulating all five senses.


Pride in our legacy drives the company to build lasting brands based on foundations of innovation and quality.



SonKim Retail elevates the lifestyle for Vietnamese people

As the only representative of Vietnam to win an award in the retail category voted by the UK’s Global Brands Magazine (GBM), Son Kim Retail has conquered three rigorous criteria of the award, including: Unique retail system, customer service satisfaction and professional service quality.